22 November 2022

RC Celta is about to begin a unique moment that will be remembered throughout the Club’s history: its centenary. For this reason, and after a long graphic journey, a new image is born specifically for this celebration. But, as it could not be otherwise, this new image is also loaded with history to add to the 100 years of the team’s life.

How can we create something that rises to the occasion? Which artist can represent tradition and the Galician heart? our values? These questions had one answer that stood out above the rest: Xosé Vizoso.

This artist not only represents Galicia to perfection, but has created a style and brand of Galicia that has become part of most Galician people’s home, and is part of our history, tradition and identity. A person who has revolutionised the graphic history of Galicia being, for more than 40 years, designer and soul of Sargadelos, creator of the most emblematic posters of the Galician festivities, illustrator of the covers of Edicións O Castro, muralist, etc.

Creator of a style and typography that has evolved to become part of our cultural heritage. Nobody better than him could represent the importance of this Centenary.



Xosé Vizoso, a man, meticulous, creative and passionate about art and his land, gave way to a poster that will remain impregnated in the legend of the Club and in the memory of this historic moment. But this did not stop there, it was only the seed for one of the first novelties of the Centenary, the new branding for this important milestone.

Joining hands with the graphic designer Javier Blasco from Vigo, and based on the typography so characteristic of the former, a symbol in the collective imagination of Galicia, together they took on the project of creating their own identity to concentrate everything particular to the arrival of the century at the club, and which would unite tradition and Galician pride, while remaining a modern image that could last over time.

Taking the typography of the poster, created by Xosé Vizoso, the two C’s were also taken from the current Celta logo, adding another stroke to symbolise the 100.



This is not a brand redesign, but a brand that will coexist with the existing one, and that by itself will accompany the team, the programme of activities, the fans, and everyone during this important year. It will be reflected among the Club’s historic milestones, and in the hearts of all those who will accompany us during this period of celebrations and affection, taking Celtic to the top.

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